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Vishwa Jat Mahasang (Trust) is an Social Ogranization, situated at Jat Dham Vrindavan, District Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India. As Vishwa Jat Mahasangh we are dedicated to Research on History of India and also History of Humanity on Earth. We found that all the humans/puples on the earth are JAT.
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Vision & Mission

In view of the present plight that the old values are being relegated to background by fast encroaching scientific advance comprising of baffling wonders of socalled scientific culture through its wonders of inventors and the new techniques, great necessity is being felt to establish a code of moral conduct of perpetual nature to withstand this new rise, shouting to bring a new paradise on earth based on material progress alone. In reality, this one-side, misappropriate approach is to end the existence itself of the poor, rural major part of man, leaving them behind in the race for actual development.

Different governments of different nations are taking vital steps to solve this problem, the problem of casteism-effecte morality by its acute poison of casteism. We have realised the saving grace of the nectar of Vedic Ages. Hence great phycological need, ethical and even spiritual, need of the hour is to organise the redical concept in such a way as to establish a purely secular status, launching afresh sincere welfare of manking for highlight of life, charitable, with its truly religious glory to be reinstated.
- Dr. Kunwar Ram Pratap Singh Arya

(Meditational, Research, Benevolent, Charritable, Religious Organization - Vishwa jat Mahasangh)
Recognise,d by Government of India (Ministery of Home Affairs)
Trust Act-1882,192016/1908 & 1976 FCRA
and also having Act-1961-12A-80G

Consitution of Vishwa Jat Mahasangh

We, trustees and members of charitable and religious organization i.e. Vishwaa Jat Mahasangh, desire to make this institution a sovereign power in religiousity, on secular line, electing, selecting and nominatioong personages from amongst its followers, officers, post holders, having faith in justice, action tuth, tenets of Jat Religion e.g. political justice spiritual freedom, national integrity, brotherhood installing by taking a vow to-day on 15-7-2000, confirm our determination of making this our institution a unique body. This we do to commemorate the glorious deed of Kr. Raghunath Singh, Rais, Angai on this day 15-03-1986 to 31-12-1986, Who is in heven to-day.

Late Kr. Raghunath Singh
Rais of Estate Angai, Mathura (U.P.) India

Our Moto:

"Every Way to Find Ways of Human Welfare all Over"

Vishwa Jat Mahasangh
Parikrama Marg, Near Gore Dauji, Attala Chungi Jat Dham, Vrindavan-281121
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

9927095289, 9457819701, 7599963432, 8938932145

vishvjatmahasangh@gmail.com, jatdham@gmail.com, jattrustindia@gmail.com


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